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Be it bitcoins, ripple, or ethereum— people want to know more about them. Apart from buying or selling assets, these tech platforms have a lot to offer. No matter if someone is a newbie or an expert, the learning curve is high for all in cryptos.

As of now, the crypto market is a large set of small and big crypto companies. But, many experts say more than half of the currencies will not even survive 10 years. With such fast progress of technologies every year, you need to have good resources.

Explore Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency resources in deep

No matter a beginner or a professional, everyone needs trustable educational material. Explore Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency resources in deep If you are new to this rapid crypto era, we have got you covered. Below are some of the best and useful resources that you can start using. From online educational resources to crypto platforms, we will cover everything. Even if you started bitcoin trading now, these educational materials will help you.

Open Source Open source platforms are available and they allow everybody to post content. As there are many open-source platforms that exist over the Internet, we have made the list of only the best.

Reddit The Reddit community is among the most popular learning resources for bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Be it learning technical analysis, or reading news, Reddit is the best.

You will find a lot of subreddits that upload relevant content on bitcoin, ripple, and more.


Along with educational resources, if you need trading data, you will find them on Reddit. The chances of spamming on such subreddits are very low as moderators are keeping an eye on everyone. So, if you are looking for a lot of perspectives and resources, Reddit is the thing.

Steemit For those who don't know, Steemit is also an open-source crypto information hub. Steemit platform uses blockchain technology and it's more secure than many other platforms. The main difference here is that Steemit pays you for doing good work. If you are creating new content or curating the facts on Steemit, you will receive the Steem Dollars. Along with education material, you will also find trading data here.

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Without any doubt, Steemit is a popular platform to begin your bitcoin journey. Tokentuber If you are looking for valuable video-based education for cryptocurrency, Tokentuber is here. Tokentuber is a peer-to-peer and secure video streaming service that has a ton of videos. Be it learning bitcoins or other altcoins, you will find quality videos on Tokentuber.

Tokentuber also has a lot of incentives for learning from the platform.

Once you take the quiz on Tokentuber, you will have 1, tokens in your account. If you pass the quiz, you will achieve a special badge from the Tokentuber platform. And, for every incorrect answer, the Tokentuber platform will deduct coins. Tokentuber is a fun way of learning about cryptocurrencies and how they work. Whitepapers If you are into more serious and in-depth learnings, then crypto white papers are for you.

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Every cryptocurrency present in the world has its whitepaper. If you don't know, these whitepapers explain how crypto works. On the Internet, you can find the whitepaper for ripple, bitcoins, and many other cryptos.

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Whitepapers are to the point, technical, and accurate explanation. For beginners, the crypto whitepapers may be a little difficult to grasp. But, if you are an intermediate, or an expert, then you can learn about new digital currencies faster.

All these cryptocurrency white papers are available for free on the official websites. Download the crypto whitepapers, and start understanding them one by one. Crypto Exchanges Bitcoin trading platform open source today's era of the Internet, crypto exchanges are getting popular in no time. There are several crypto exchange platforms that have their education section.

Learning from these exchanges about the cryptos is easy and fast. Below are some crypto exchanges that are best for educational purposes and learning.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Coinbase has so much to learn. The Coinbase team keeps updating their educational resources. Even if you are not trading from Coinbase, you can access their educational section. Binance The second popular crypto exchange to learn about decentralized currencies is Binance. This is a China-based crypto hub that caters to almost all cryptocurrencies.

If you want to begin your crypto trading with Binance, this platform has a lot of perks for you.

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If you are an intermediate or an expert and want more insights, then this pro version is for you. This pro version of Coinbase also comes with more advanced tools for crypto trading. Bitfinex Bitfinex is also a bitcoin trading platform open source trading platform that is popular for its free crypto blog. Even if you are new to crypto exchange, this resource section will walk you through useful data. And if you want to start trading, Bitfinex is a good platform to begin trading.

This is free and among the largest MOOC. The DFIN Course has some fixed student batches and you can join the experts for free and gain insights.

Be it the history of cryptocurrencies to their technical working, they cover it all. For every beginner, this DFIN course will be very useful as it will take them through an in-depth journey. Right from the technical working, private keys, and circulation, you will get to know all from them.


This is a YouTube channel, and it's a handy free resource that everyone should have on their list. Cryptocurrency books Books are the best way to learn about cryptocurrency and its working. And, the best part about these crypto books is that they are by industry experts. You can explore the theories in a much detailed manner than any online resource.

Crypto books are the best investment that you can make if you are planning to go into this field. Some of the popular crypto books that everyone should explore are: Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Whether you are a beginner or an valore azioni amazon, there is always more to learn in cryptocurrencies.

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Whichever you feel comfortable with, pick any crypto resource and start learning. The earlier you start learning about cryptocurrencies, the more you can earn for the long term. Like any other business or bitcoin trading platform open source, cryptocurrency trading also needs experience. And, the best way to gain that crypto insight is from the above ways. Most of the above crypto educational material is free of cost, so start now.