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Bitcoin mining room


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    When you mine the BTC in the game the computer creates a Hash code that simulates the mining proces in the real world. Play Bitcoin Mining: -scan your room -tap to insert simulated Bitcoins into the Augmented Reality -when you have Bitcoins or more you can sell and get money not real in the game. The magic world of Cryptocurrencies and Augmented Reality are joined in this game -the game simulates solving the hash code that verify a transaction -when you have mined enough virtual Bitcoin mining room not for real in the game - the app will prompt that the BlockChain has gotten a new node.

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    Enjoy the simulated mining of Bitcoins in the game. This is a game - the Bitcoins you mine and the Blockchain operations mentioned in the app are not real.

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    Description in the game: In this fun game you play with the concept of mining Bitcoins. It's an AR game where you can play that you produce real Bitcoins in your room.

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    You have an Augmented Reality view into the room you're in when playing and when you tap on the Bitcoin-coin virtual Bitcoins drop from above. The Bitcoins you'll produce in the game are not for real When you have collected more than Bitcoins you can press the Dollar-coin and the game will simulate that you exchange the Bitcoins for real dollars. Sorry but its still only virtual money Have fun!