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    Monday 26 September AsiaBitcoin The evolution of the Chinese local system is bitcoin factory china out by the commerce: here in China anything is impossible, even that a remote village may transform itself in an inustrial hub for bitcoin factory china exchange.

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    This is what happened, for instance, in Moyu, a small village in western Sichuan, where a local factory had the birght idea of setting a bitcoin mine up, taking advantage of China's being tech-savvy. The revolution peaked when those who have always and sole been manual workers moved to warehouses with a lot of computers that day by day mined thousands upon thousands of bitcoins.

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    In order to incentive those currency system, every day a certain percentage of bitcoins was distributed proportionately among miners depending on how many bitcoin were extracted. As such a profit margin was also a result of the computer's speed, Moyu - like so many other villages - evolved whether exploiting energy or increasing the number of mining computers.

    Sharma of Bitmain - the leading Chinese company in Bitcoin mining - got familiar with bitcoins in Shenzhen, from where this currency sistem was moved to Pechino: it is not the first time that the "big" has to learn by the "small", as happened among Shenzhen and Pechino.

    The importance of Bitcon is witnessed also by enterpreneurs: Remitsy, a start-up based in Pechino, uses bitcoin as a manner of converting currencies in renminbi. A foreign business with an interest in buying China products can transfer its domestic currency i. EUR to an intermediary start-up as Remitsy, that will convert it into bitcoin.

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    The amount of bitcoin so obtained will be sold, so getting renminbi, that will be transferred to the Chinese industry of that product. All those steps take place just in a while.

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    As Moyu, many other small villages deem to be considered as a part of the Silicon Valley when it comes to technology and bitcoin as well.

    The proper term to be used is "mining bitcoin": the idea of a mine, as something that already exists and that has just to be discovered.

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    BLB Asia Desk can advise Italian and foreign businesses about all the types of investment that China offers, costo dellenergia elettrica bitcoin that each of them may become a pioneer.

    For further information, please contact asiandesk blblex.

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