Come ricevere pagamento in Bitcoin

Come pagare usando bitcoin, Pagamento in Bitcoin: come pagare e ricevere pagamenti in BTC


    All information you send us will be kept highly confidential.

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    Data is neither sold nor leased nor passed on for the use of others. Quality and certification We provide metal certificates for each order.

    Nei negozi elvetici sarà dunque possibile usare anche la moneta digitale oltre ai canali più tradizionali del contante, delle carte e delle app. Era stata annunciata già a novembrecon un programma sperimentale che si è rivelato di successo.

    These are in accordance with the Swiss legislation and guarantee information reliability and raw metal traceability. For a faster and more secure process, we actively encourage our customers to use cryptocurrency Delivery Deliveries are provided from Switzerland.

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    For special deliveries, the company may pass on the risk to the customer. Communication security For calls and messages, we use Signal encrypted app available on Android and iOS. For emails, we use ProtonMail Web Services.

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    It is well known for its commitment to data protection and privacy Our team is composed of technicians specialised in trading and metalworking activities. Our philosophy is simple: focus our energy to satisfy all our customers' requirements. We study every request in detail to meet customer needs as closely as possible.

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    Do not hesitate to contact us. City of Geneva.

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